Labor Day was adopted a U.S. Holiday in 1894.  Sometime in the 70's marketing d@cks decided it would be a good time to sell stuff.  Read more after the break.

Labor Day was set aside as a salute and a break to the good old American worker-the kind of guys who sweat for a living.  Now, Labor Day is the federal holiday that most blue collar guys are almost least likely to have off.  What once was an "end of Summer" tradition, is now a day to sell mattresses and refrigerators. You can't protest it in this economy either, because someone will be willing to work that day.You have to remember though that people fought and some even died to make this a holiday for the American worker.

All I can say is, in the spirit of Labor Day, be extra nice to those folks who are working. You don't have to say, "thank you for working on this day when you really should be off", just remember to be polite, understanding and gracious.  Give 'em just a nice regular thank you.  Keep in mind that if they are working at a store that is having some kind of sale, that not only are they having to work, they are probably having to work harder due to everyone tearing through the store looking for deals.

We may not all get Labor Day off, but lets try to remember the spirit in which it was adopted.

Your thoughts?  Is Labor Day even a "real" holiday anymore?  Did kids going back to school before Labor Day ruin it? Do you go out shopping?

Educate yourself on "Labor Day". Some of this stuff sounds real familiar.