Ever been at a party, the beach, you know hanging out with your pals drinking a few bottled cold ones, and you never seem to have a bottle opener. It always leads to one of your buds trying to open one with their teeth, on the edge of a table or simply finding anything to pry open those 12 ounces of tasty hops and barley. No worries, now with the GrOpener, you can open up your favorite bottled beverage using one hand.

The GrOpener, created by Mark Manger, is truly a must have for you serious lovers of bottled goodness.

With the GrOpener you don't need to be some muscle-head or have superhuman strength. The really cool thing about this handy device is that is was created to assist stroke victims, amputees, and those that are limited to the use of one hand.

Save yourself a trip to the dentist with a missing tooth by checking out the video...