We're pretty excited that Holy White Hounds have hooked up with The Pretty Reckless for their tour. We were first-week supporters of the band and their song "Switchblade."

In addition to The Pretty Reckless and Holy White Hounds, a new band called Them Evils will be opening (what a perfect name for a Halloween season show).

I'm pretty excited about this band even though today is the first day I've heard of them. They have that vibe that Crobot and Monster Truck. I like to call it stoner rock, but it's just real heavy groove rock.

You can listen to their latest track below after the tour poster art. The FMX Freakfest at Wild West happens Wednesday, October 26.

Them Evils - "Untold"

Holy White Hounds - "Switchblade"

The Pretty Reckless - "Take Me Down"