Who didn’t see this coming?  The Mayor saw it coming.  A lot of Lubbockites saw it coming.  Even then, the City council (I wish I could replace that “C” with a “Sh”) voted a ridiculous “ban” on synthetic marijuana.  Now comes word that one Smoke Shop owner, who happens to be a lawyer is refusing to pull the stuff from the shelves.  More after the jump.


Synthetic marijuana is a legal substance. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, and as a matter of fact, let’s say that it does hurt SOME people.  Guess what, so does peanut butter.  The city can’t just decide to ban peanut butter.  I’ll bet more people in Lubbock die from choking than synthetic marijuana; should the city ban pieces of steak that are too big?  This is asinine, over-reaching city government at it’s worse.

I would not even be writing this “I told you so article” but I just saw the Mayor Pro-Tem threaten  “a team of lawyers”  on this issue.  Guess who’s paying for that “team of lawyers”?  You and I are paying for this “feel-good” but unenforceable legislation.  This issue has now devolved into a stereotypical pissing match with our city dollars being wasted to stop a man from doing legal business.

I’m tired of this nonsense.  Finally, I would like to mention, once again, EVEN THE MAYOR HIMSELF declined to get involved in this issue saying it wasn't his place to decide what adults do to their bodies.  Instead, we have the neighborhood busybodies trying to use scare tactics and unenforceable laws to try to stir up votes.  Don't fall for it.