Holy snikeys this trailer has me hooked!  I am so ready for "The Last Exorcisim Part 2". So how can you have a last, 'last exorcism"?  Well hold onto your britches and I'll explain.  Also, you don't have to have seen 1 to see 2, it's kind of a whole different thing.  More after the jump.

The first "Last Exorcism" film was told from the viewpoint of the "Exorcist". At this point I'm don't think I'm going to spoil anything, but if I am, it would be details from the first movie and not the second (that I know of).  Anyways the first movie was about an exorcist revealing that he wasn't an exorcist at all and he was just snookering small town rubes who were a little bit overboard.  Then, he comes up against a girl who REALLY IS possessed.  It was all done in that shaky Blair Witch camera style.  Well, this movie picks up with the girl months later waking up not even knowing what happened. This is a convenient plot device, making it easy for you to watch this film without knowing anything about the first one.

This film, at least from the trailer looks so much more in depth than the first film. It's also a damn shame they don't give awards for actresses in horror movies. Watch this woman's face through this trailer, you could seriously believe something is inside of her.  That five seconds where she says 'oh, no' after the trailer creeps me out more than the shadows in the church windows.

I hope to you this weekend at a showing of "The Last Exorcism Part 2".