The Lubbock Arts Festival is a great example of an event done right.  The festival is pretty much "all inclusive" and a great way to spend the day (or even a couple of them).  More after the jump.


Guess what?  Real art museums suck.  Very few people are drawn to the traditional display and when it comes to kids; they'd rather they not even be there.  The Lubbock Arts Festival brings art to all ages and all tastes.  You can find everything from the cartoony to the the highbrow and more!  One way the Arts festival has proven this concept year after year is with their featured exhibits.  They've shown art through crayons, Legos and now BLACK VELVET!  Yes, this year the Arts Festival features "The Velveteria". That's not all though, kids will find plenty of arts events and everyone can enjoy the live bands on the performance stage.

The Lubbock Arts Festival is CHEAP too.  Just $3 for adults and $2 for kids and if you run by any Wells Fargo location you can score coupons that will get you in free.  The Arts Festival runs today through 8p, 10a-8p tomorrow and 12n to 5 on Sunday.  For more detailed info, click here.