The Lubbock City Council is on the case regulating bounce houses according to Channel 11.

Sure, City Hall has been raided by the FBI and mosquitoes will soon begin to cannibalize the population, but it's bounce houses that had the City Councils attention. The Council voted six to one to regulate the houses to larger parks (the dissenting vote was by Victor Hernandez proving he'll vote against ANYTHING).

Bounce houses are now regulated to larger parks but after several incidents of bounce houses flying away, the use of stakes is still allowed. The concern was that the stakes might hit underground lines. Of course, it wouldn't be government approved if there wasn't a new permit requirement and associated fee.

Then again, you could just clean up your friggin' backyard and have your bounce party there.

Let's also not forget that this is the City Council that tried to regulate the use of balloons. What is it about inflatable stuff that bothers this group so much. I guess they'll check your tire pressure next.