Wow.  What a provocative headline. Now no person from the Lubbock Lake Landmark is jumping into this fight, but evidence is.   Here's the problem; the Lubbock Lake Landmark was nominated to be the "eighth wonder of the world" by somebody or rather.  That fact is almost incidental to the argument.  What's intriguing is what that would infer.  More after the jump.


Here's the rub plain and simple.  Lubbock tends to be a "faith based community" (I guess that means we have a lot of churches).  Central to most of those churches is the Bible.  If you read the Bible as written it has "man" being on earth for about 6,000 years (according to the written genealogy) .  The Lubbock Lake Landmark on the other hand has already yielded HUMAN fossils that are over 12,000 years old.

So here's the question for the Hub.  Do we celebrate this great archeology site even though it undermines some peoples faith, or do we ignore the facts even though they are right under our feet?

Maybe your Sunday school teacher has some other "middle" answer.  Maybe the devil put those bones there to test you.  I know which side I'm on in the argument, but it's going to be interesting to see how Lubbock reconciles it's faith with hard scientific evidence and the possibility of being known for that evidence.  This spotlight being put on the Lubbock Lake Landmark is sure to get the discussion started.

Here's a great short video from 2008 about the Lubbock Lake Landmark.