Have you ever noticed how some kids bedrooms seem to be like a black hole where things just disappear never to be seen again? You know the drill, son go clean your room, NOW! An hour later the room is clean and everyone seems satisfied.

Until a month later and he is looking for his favorite shirt, his baseball glove or his left dress shoe. Then things come flying out of the closet, out from under the bed and from places you'd rather not ask about?

Well check this out, a lady in Guatemala City heard what she thought was an explosion outside her home and went out to check things out only to find everything normal. When she returned inside her home she found a sinkhole 3 feet wide and 40 feet deep under her bed.

Thankfully the lady and her grandchildren who were playing nearby were unharmed, but man can you imagine how hard it's gonna be to find that blue shirt now?

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