With only 168 days left before the first day of Summer 2014, here are a few fun facts about the month of January.

January, is of course the first month of the year. Check out these fun facts you can look forward to this month.

1) Did you know that during the month of January, the North Pole is colder than the South Pole on average.

2)  In January, Facebook users are urged to 'Change your profile picture to a Muppet' month.

3) It's National Soup Month in the U.S.

4) The "Big Bad Wolf" Marilyn Manson turns 44 on the 5th of January.

5) It's National Blood Donor month.

6) Elvis Presley would have been 78 on the 8th of January.

7) Zakk Wylde turns 46 on the 14th.

8) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is on the third Monday in January.

9) Eddie Van Halen turns 58 on the 26th.

10) Garnet is the official gem of January.

Happy January!