It seems now a days every month has a "cause," and May is no different. As we all know far too  many people die every year in motorcycle accidents on Lubbock streets. With warm weather, more and more bikes are out on the streets which makes May, the perfect month for Biker Awareness Month.

I am all for bikers you guys know that, some of my closest friends are bikers, I have lost far too many friends in motorcycle accidents over the past several years and I DO NOT want to lose anymore.

So here is my plea, my challenge to all of you. Everyone look out for each other!

If you are driving a car, look twice before you change lanes, check your blind spots, look over your shoulder, and just because you have your turn signal on DOES NOT mean it's clear (or safe) for you to move on over.

Bikers... there are those who think just because you are on a bike that people are the only ones responsible for watching out. More times than I can count I have seen guys weaving in and out of traffic, even between cars that are going too slow for them.

The other day I witnessed a car that had to abruptly changes lanes to avoid being hit by an old man eating ice cream. In the lane a lady had to move into was a dude on a bike. There was PLENTY of room between her and the bike, yet when she signaled and moved into the lane, the dude on the bike hauled ass up in the turning lane next to her and started screaming, WHILE they were all still moving!

The lady rolled down her window and I heard her try to apologize and the guy on the bike started flipping her off and acting like he was going to get off his bike.

This kind of behavior is NOT going to contribute to anyone being safe, it is up to everyone to look out for themselves and for the other guy. And IF someone does something that ticks you off, take the high road and back off, the life you save could be yours!