There's always been a lot of vitriol in politics, most of it undeserved. It seems, however, that there are some people that just want to take it further, no matter the damage it does. The problem is that with PACs, or "political action comittees," anyone can form a group and raise money to support a candidate. Even if the candidate doesn't want their support. The Ku Klux Klan could form a PAC and support any candidate they want and run media ads for them, despite the candidate not wanting to be anywhere near the Klan. But it can happen. And in this commercial, paid for by "Turn Right America," they attempt to link a candidate with stripping, prostitution, gang banging, and serial killers. Notice the pictures of gangsters and serial killers floating by that have nothing to do with LA, or either of the candidates in this race. And by gangsters I'm talking about Al Capone and Lucky Luciano, and serial killers such as Charles Manson! Really? This is too damn much. Not too mention that the hired a couple of black guys to play ganstas-rappers that would support this candidate. so all criminals are black then huh? RACIST  BULLS#!T