I guess this could be a series, but there was that just kind of gets to me for now.  Until Seinfeld came along, we all pretty much "double-dipped" when it came to chips or vegetables at parties.  That has been taken care of, now let's work on another one.


What is it about pickles that makes people think it's okay to just stick their fingers in the jar?  That's vinegar in there, not hand sanitizer.  I mention this because I was just as bad until recently (live and learn, right).   You cannot put your nasty nose pickin' sticks directly into the pickles.  I know sometimes "that pickle is right on top" but it's still not cool.  You wouldn't put your finger in some mashed potatoes, would you?

Now, let's take this message and spread it out to jalapeno's, artichoke hearts, olives and anything else that shares a group home until it makes it way up into your eating hole.