Okay, I guess YouTube can make ANYONE a star.  This fishmonger has nearly SEVEN MILLION HITS!  Oh wait, that's just for the original video.  The one that is produced has over EIGHT MILLION HITS! That means bookings on the newchannels and late night t.v. shows are right around the corner.  I almost hate to bring this one to you, but it's just a matter of time before you friends ask you if you heard the "One Pound Fish" song.  More after the jump.


Apparently this fishmonger sings in order to get business from "the ladies".  Yes, it's always about "the ladies" now isn't it guys?  Well with a delivery that's slicker than whale snot, Muhammed Shahid Nazir is rockin' the fish world.  Here's the video for "One Pound Fish"


Now, here's the dance version of "One Pound Fish"

Okay, to help you get "One Pound Fish" out of your head, here's "Fish Heads".