Each year when Halloween rolls around people are blown away by "Nightmare On 19th Street".  One of the main questions we get every year is, "how long have you been working on this".  The answer is, we start the weekend after Halloween.  I'm not exaggerating.  I'll give you a progress report after the jump.


We started working on the 2013 version of Nightmare the weekend after Halloween.  Now, a lot of that is packing stuff away and preparing for the next year, but yeah, we've already started actual construction.  If you're a fan, you may know that this past year was the last for my personal favorite "Dr. Nexum's Sanitarium".  We are turning it into something unlike Lubbock has ever seen before. It's going to be very cool and definitely one of a kind.

Just this past weekend we started putting the finishing details on a new crypt, modeled a bit after ancient European tunnel crypts.

At this point we can afford you the small sneak peak in the picture.  This is of course just the construction. We'll have set designers come in an stucco or plaster the walls, age everything and fill it with assorted spooky stuff.  As far as us in the Undead Army construction squad, our next project is building an above ground New Orleans style cemetery, then again we might work on the new spider room or the new buildings in Skulllick Texas.

We'll keep you updated as we add projects. We don't want to give away too much, but if you're big fan of Halloween like us, you might want to add our Facebook page to your friends list.