Despite having that 'pop' edge to a lot of their punk, the Offspring haven't really crossed over to Top 40 radio.  Now, in case you don't know, Top 40 is where artists GET PAID.  I can see the Offspring getting paid with this song, the question is, will us rockers, who are currently enjoying "Days Go By" still accept the Offspring after this tune?  More after the jump.

Let's be honest, the saggy ass Top 40 would be lucky to have a hit from the Offspring, heck the song even starts with the classic Ramones "Hey Ho, Let's Go" (from Blitzkrieg Bop).  The bigger question is, how does this song fit in on the album that features a much more mature Offspring on "Days Go By".  Maybe I'm just over thinking it, I'll let you decide.  Here's one thing I noticed about the video though, "Noodles" (the guitar player) looks very uncomfortable here, like he'd rather be any other place.  Check it out and give us your thoughts (and let me stress again, this is not "Rock" tune.