We get away with loads of tomfoolery here at FMX. Much of those hijinks are actually under the guise of getting material for these blogs.  So what have we done, and what rule do we NEVER, EVER break?

We have ridden bikes, shopping carts and an actually motorcycle down the halls.  We've popped in and sprayed silly string on each other.  I busted in on a meeting with a cap gun once(that one didn't go well).  We have had pigs and a horse up here. We had a penguin crap on the floor and you don't know how bad rattlesnakes stink until you get a bunch of them together. Speaking of stink, I once hid an open can of cat food in the KISS FM studios. Let's also not forget the day that I ruined the bathroom.  We've thrown eggs, underwear and who knows what all out of the window, because it's just fun to throw stuff from three stories up.

None of this compares to the stuff we've done to each other. We've had electric shocks, busted each others butts with skateboard decks and just the other day I stapled Rooster's knee. We've wrapped desks with cellophane, filled rooms with boxes and set various traps for each other.

We're working on a rule about Facebook hacking. I will occasionally leave my Facebook up after I leave the control room and sometimes I sneak in when Rooster is logged in, but downstairs smoking.  Here's the last time I hacked Rooster:

I think I've given you a pretty good idea of the trouble we get into every now and then. So until we've signed in blood over the Facebook hacking rule, what could be the "One Rule We Do Not Break At FMX"?  It's not that hard to figure out.  The only hard and fast rule we have the we do not break is: WE DON'T MESS WITH EACH OTHERS FOOD.   Yeah, we take food that seriously.  Someone who would taint, steal  or otherwise mess with someone else's food is considered worse than a narc around here. You just don't do it.

What about you?  Do you and your boys have any agreements, like "no nutshots" or "no messin' with each others girls"?  I'd like to hear from the rest of you pranksters out there, where do you draw the line or do you draw the line at all?