Do you remember several years ago when MTV premiered "The Osbournes?" To this day I can honestly say that is the only reality show I have ever watched.

In most cases, I can't imagine sitting and watching people eat dinner, or pick up dog poop. But, come on when it's Ozzy screaming " Sharon" after he steps in dog crap...

Too funny!

After hearing that the was a fire in their home last week, I found myself secretly wishing they still had cameras following them around.

Sharon reviled to viewers of her day time talk show that the couple awoke last Thursday to the sound of what she describes and metal crashing. She said she did not immediately  go see what caused the sound because she thought it was just the housekeeper.

But, when the dog began to bark and her eyes began to burn, Sharon decided to go investigate; she found Ozzy using his arm ( which was in a cast from surgery earlier in the week after an accident from a candle exploding) to bat at flames in the living room.

Before all was said and done, Sharon said the three things you should never do when there is a fire in your home, she and Ozzy did.

First, they fell asleep with a candle burning, second they opened a door, giving the fire air, and then they threw water on it....

The result, aside from fire damage to the house, was fire damage to Ozzy. It seems now in addition to the wound from surgery from a mishap with fire a few days before, the Prince of Darkness now has re-opened the wound, he also has burns to the face and a wee bit less hair on the front of his head, and eye brows.

I'm glad they are both alright