I think we all know what it's like when somebody it eyeballin' ya'.  Just plain giving you the stink eye.  It's a pretty cowardly thing to do.  If you have something to say, then say it or just keep your headlights on someone else.  This past Friday I was waiting to get into a restaurant when I noticed one of these jerks looking me over and whispering to his friends about me. Wow.  Tough guys out there whispering so they don't actually have to stand for anything. What really sucked is, this guy was giving me the hard look after I'd just performed a wedding for friends. I had literally done my good deed for the day and I have to deal with this crap.


You may want to call me paranoid, but many of you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes this type of behavior is so obvious, there's no doubt what's going on.  If the depth of your convictions stops at gossiping with your little friends, then your opinions must not mean anything either.  Anyways, I guess this incident really doesn't matter, it just spurred me on to a blog about the bigger picture.

There's only one reason to hate on me, and that's politics. I don't mind saying that I'm a generally good guy.  I don't cut people off in traffic, insult anybodies family or steal anybodies sunshine in anyway.  I make an attempt to praise those who never get it, do tons of stuff for the community and if I see somebody having a tough time, I try to lift them up. Each day, I also join with Heathen in trying to come up with four hours of laughs in the morning and I happen to think that trying to make people get a good start to their day is a pretty noble thing.

This is my point.  How long are we going to let politicians and the media define us and pit us against each other?  The world is not black and white. No one is 100% conservative or liberal. I hate even hearing those words. Those are labels put on us who just see us as a market one way or another.

We just finished another election cycle and what was the number one thing you heard?  Liberal this, conservative that.  I call bullsh!t.  Don't tell me WHAT you are. Tell me WHAT you're going to do.  I want you to think of the last two presidents that REALLY brought the country together.  They were, by far, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.  Guess what?  One was a democrat and one was a liberal.  They rose above party lines and united people.

What you and I think about how things should be solved on a national level really means nothing. We're just little blips.  When we join together the growth starts being exponential.  People need to realize that politicians and the media turn us against each other so we don't see the crap they're pulling.  We're allowing these people to ignore problems because we want to fight over the solutions.  It's stupid and it gets us nowhere.  This isn't a civil war between ideologies, but I tell you what, if it was it wouldn't be the politically right or left coming out winners, it would be the young, and like me, they're getting pretty tired of this crap.