It's time once again for the indisputable countdown: The Real Five.  This countdown is based on airplay and nothing else.  Now you could say the reason that these tracks were played more was because people liked 'em more or draw whatever conclusions you wish.  On the other side, get "The Real Five" from Alice In Chains.

5. Them Bones.  Arguably the hardest rockin' tune from "Dirt", it was the third track "dropped" on radio from the album.  Interestingly enough, the 1st track that was released from the album "Sea of Sorrow" was never a radio hit, only a fan favorite.

4. Rooster. The track was from '92's "Dirt" but did not reach its full peak until '93.  Even though the track comes in at #4, I think the video has to be to be classified as Alice In Chains best.

3. No Excuses. In 1994 Alice in Chains hit us with an acoustic e.p. called "Jar Of Flies".  Some of the promotional copies of the c.d. actually had little plastic flies inside the c.d. spine.  When we weren't saying "neat-o" and putting the flies on our co-workers food, we were rockin' to "No Excuses"

2. Would?  Would comes in at number two for a pretty interesting reason, it was a hit twice.  The song first dropped as a part of the soundtrack to the movie "Singles" then reached even greater popularity when the live acoustic version from the "MTV Unplugged" album came out.

1. Man In The Box.  Was there any doubt?  Zeppelin has their "Stairway", Pearl Jam has "Alive, and Alice in Chains has "Man In The Box". The song pretty much marks the defining moment when Alice in Chains transitioned from hair metal to grunge superstars.

Check out videos from the songs, in order, below: