I have always had a soft spot for southern rock.  I loved the Outlaws (Green Grass & HighTides), Skynyrd and (yeah, I feel bad about it) .38 Special.  I knew Driver was a bit the same way so when "Lonely Train" by Black Stone Cherry came through our door we were immediately stoked.


Black Stone Cherry have snuck up and become one of those bands that you see that you know every song (even though you didn't know you knew it, if that makes sense).  These guys have a strong list of tunes and they'll be rockin' them Tuesday night at Jakes.

The "Real Five" is just that. We don't let opinions or anything other than facts influence this list.  This is the TOP 5 MOST PLAYED tracks.  Here you go

1.In My Blood

2.White Trash Millionaire

3.Like I Roll

4.Lonely Train

4.Please Come In

5. Honorable Mentions To:

6. Rain Wizard

7. Blame It On The Boom Boom

8. Blind Man

9. Hell & High Water