Okay, here we go.  It's put up or shut up time and I'm going to put up.  A lot of publications like to give you a list of an artists "best" songs or "top" songs, but they don't get you any rationalization at all.  Mine is simple. It's the "Top Five Most Played Tracks".  You could in essence say these are the "best" or "most popular" songs, because that's what we in radio do, play the "most popular" songs, the most.  Today it's the Real Five (most played) by Disturbed. I thought they'd make a good list since they recently decided to hang it up for a while. Get into the list after the jump.

5. Stupify.  Stupify was the first track the "The Sickness" and the first track most people heard from the band.  I didn't hardly know what to think of the stylistic changes and grunts in the song, but it ended up being the perfect introductory track for the band.

4. Stricken.  Stricken was the second track from Disturbed's third major label release "10,000 Fists". It outdistanced the initial track "Guarded" to make the Top 5.

3.Voices.  Voices was the third single from "The Sickness".  A fourth single "The Game" would follow but it was released too close to "Voices" which was so huge, it stunted the opportunity for "The Game" to have any real growth in airplay.  Trivia: there is a small sample of "Down With The Sickness" in the opening.

2. Prayer.  People were clamoring for more Disturbed by the time their second release "Believe" came out. The album cover featured a new icon for the band which combined many beliefs into one. Prayer outdistanced its immediate predecessor "Remember" (No. 6 below)

1. Down With The Sickness.  As if it was any surprise, "Down With The Sickness takes the number one slot of airplay.  It remains the number one airplay and request position with hard rock stations across the U.S.

I'll try to include videos in future "Real Five" lists, but Disturbed just so happens to be one of the few bands that doesn't allow their videos to be embedded. I also thought that "just for grins" this time, I'd give you the rest of the top ten.

10. Indestructable

9. Inside The Fire

8. Land  Of Confusion (Genesis Cover)

7. Guarded

6. Remember