Everyone offers opinions, even me.  "The Real Five" is not opinion based.  It's based on real "spins" (how many times a song was played) on FMX.  Everclear is in town this Friday night to help us with Toys for Tots, so get ready for "The Read Five" from Everclear next.


I hope you will join us the Friday night as we party with Everclear and Eve 6 for Toys For Tots. If you can, take a few minutes to re-experience just some of the great music Everclear has brought us.

So what are the five most played Everyclear tracks?  Well number one is no secret, so let's do this countdown as a count up, or whatever you'd call it.

1. Santa Monica.  This track has been the soundtrack of my life lately.  After three decades in Texas, I'm finally missing the ocean. This song makes me thank of that.

2.  Coming in number two is one of the more hard rocking track from Everclear.  The movie clips are from "Antitrust".  This could knock the roof off the joint Friday night.

3. Wonderful.  This song shows a bit more of Everclear's pop side.  It's chock full of Art Alexis cynicism, but with a poppy 'na na na' kind of chorus.

4. I Will Buy You A New Life.  I don't know why, but I remember this particular video above all others.  There's just something iconic about this video that I can't quite put my finger on.

5. Everything To Everyone.   I know you remember the song, but do you remember the video. This is the one with the constantly rotating camera. If you don't watch out, it just might make you dizzy!

6. (Bonus) Father Of Mine. The words of this song are just harsh.  There's far too many people who can relate to this song.  This is a tough video to watch for some of you who no longer have dads in their life, but there's a tiny bit of comic relief when the band appears as a 70's version of themselves on the t.v.