It is time once again for the undisputed "King Of Lists". This list is indisputable because it is not based on taste, likes, or hindsight, this list is based purely on airplay.  You could say that since these are the five more played Godsmack songs, they are also the top five most popular ('cause we wouldn't have played them that much unless you wanted to hear them), but we'll keep it strictly airplay.  Click through for the list and the accompanying videos.

5. Awake. Coming in number 5 is the title track from Godsmack's second album.  The album would go on to be certified double platinum in the U.S.

4. Voodoo. You have to admit that "Voodoo" is one of the most unlikely radio hits ever.  You'd think it would be a good "album track" for fans, but it broke through to the masses. Interestingly it was the third track from the quadruple platinum debut album from the band to make the list.

3. I Stand Alone.  This track had the benefit of being the lead track (and only popular one) off the soundtrack to the movie "The Scorpion King" and being the first track from the c.d. "Faceless".  The T.V. commercials pounded this track into the brains of mainstream America helping it to chart high.

2. Bad Religion.  Bad Religion has benefited by being "the" Godsmack Album track.  A live show favorite, this song said it all for those people fed up by religious hypocrisy.  It was the fourth track from Godsmack's debut. The track never had an "official" video. Here's a cool live one to check out:

1. Greed. It's almost impossible to figure out why "Greed" outperformed all other Godsmack tracks. It was the second track from 2001's "Awake".  It's a great track that's had an amazing shelf life and everyone can relate to the subject matter.