The "Real Five" is just that, the "real" top five most played tracks from a band on FMX.  Today, we look at Guns N' Roses.  It's not a super surprising list, but it's fun to check out:  More after the jump:

I don't try to build any fake suspense into the list, I just lay them out for you.  Here's the top five most played tracks by Guns N' Roses

1. Sweet Child O' Mine

2. Welcome To The Jungle

3. Paradise City

4. You Could Be Mine

5. November Rain

at a close number 6 is Patience and let's not forget other great tracks that "bubbled under" like "Civil War", "Don't Cry", "Knockin' On Heavens Door", "Live and Let Die", "Yesterdays", "Night Train", "Mr. Brownstone" and a ton more....I guess it's no wonder why the band has been playing 30 songs at all of it's shows.