It's crazy how much In This Moment has blown up.  They've reached the point where you know all the songs you'll see in their live show, and that's a big step for a band.

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First off, what didn't make the list?  Big Bad Wolf, The Gun Show, Adrenalize, Call Me and Beautiful Tragedy came up a bit short. After all, the "Real Five" is the five most played tracks on the radio. There's no opinions here, just hard numbers. So with that in mind, here's your top five tracks!

  • 1

    Sick Like Me

    Sick Like Me was the first track released from the Black Widow album.

  • 2


    Blood featured that really cool "chopped" sound. Some people find that sound a little off-putting, but I think it sounds pretty cool.

  • 3

    The Promise

    For a lot of people in the Hub, this was the first time they were exposed to In This Moment. As a bonus, this was the first time people heard from Adrian Patrick from Otherwise, who was featured on this duet.

  • 4


    Whore was the third track from the "Blood" album. The art to go along with the single was awesome too, featuring Maria Brink naked from the back.

  • 5

    Sex Metal Barbie

    Sex Metal Barbie was the third track from the Black Widow album