It's another edition of "The Real Five". "The Real Five" is not based on opinion or what's up a critics butt for that day, this is the most PLAYED tracks by an artist. This is usually a very accurate representation of a songs popularity. More after the jump.

This is, once again, the top five most played tracks by the artist.  In the case of Nirvana, the top five really stuck out, as number six was way back compared to these.

5. In Bloom.  In Bloom was the fourth release from "Nevermind", it easily outpaced it's predecessor "Lithium".

4. All Apologies.  The second single from "In Utero" was virtually tied with "Heart Shaped Box" for position on this this chart.  "All Apologies" is the only song to chart on this list without a "real" video. I've substituted the "unplugged" version which is very well done.

3. Heart Shaped Box.  A simple gift from Courtney Love to Kurt Cobain became the topic of the first single from "In Utero"

2. Come As You Are.  Krist Novoselic's killer bassline  was the basis for this monster second single from "Nevermind".  It almost surpassed the popularity of the number one song since it was a little more mainstream that it's predecessor.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's been argued that this song changed the world.  I think it just proved that you can be heavy, hard and angry while not losing the capability for melody. Regardless, fans were attracted to it's "realness" after a decade of big hair and 100 mph solos.