Today would have been Ronnie James Dio's 71st birthday. Yeah, he was no spring chicken when he died at age 67.  Regardless of age he was a true metal god alongside the likes of Ozzy, Rob Halford and Lemmy (who is currently hospitalized).  In honor of his birthday I have the top 5 tracks from Ronnie James Dio.


I have met A LOT of rock stars.  To this day I've still not met one that was as cool, gracious and glad to meet his friends as Ronnie James Dio.  I was able to meet him at the peak of his popularity too, right around the Holy Diver and Last In Line albums (the "peak" is where an artist is mostly likely to be a d@ck).

The Real Five is an indisputable list. It's the top five most played tracks from that particular artist.  For this particular list I included both Ronnie James Dio solo and with Black Sabbath.  Here's the Top 5.

1. Rainbow In The Dark

2. The Last In Line

3.  Holy Diver

4. Heaven and Hell

5. The Mob Rules.