The "Real Five" is back with a look at one of our Birthday Bash Bands.  We're going to look at the five most played songs from "Stone Sour" (with videos) after the jump.

I'm a big Stone Sour fan. I managed to catch them on back to back nights on the Avalanche Tour. It was kind of epic because I saw them with the original bass player in Wichita Falls, then the replacement guy in Lubbock.  It was kind of weird.  Anyways, "the Real Five" brings you the five most played songs.  Arguing things like 'best' or 'favorite' is dumb, when I can tell you the real facts behind a song.  And away we go.

1.  Through Glass.  This song is far, far, far and away the most played song by the band.  It was their 'breakthrough' hit and still get's played today.

2. Say You'll Haunt Me.  It's a close race for positions 2 & 3 in Stone Sour's top five, but this track edges out it's competitor.

3. Bother.  This track was a lot of peoples first exposure to the band, and they weren't real sure if they were ready to take a different journey with the singer from Slipknot, but it places hot on the heals of #2.

4. Hestitate.  It's another big ballad from Stone Sour at number four. I'm betting Corey Taylor had a diary full of ballads ready that he couldn't use in the 'Knot.

5. Absolute Zero.  The latest from Stone Sour edges out my personal favorite (Made Of Scars) for the fifth position.

Catch Stone Sour February 2nd at the FMX Birthday Bash!