Please note, I'm not trying to change minds or covert anyone.  I'm just offering my take on spiritual things.  I don't believe in any post death judgement and I don't believe "the universe" balances things out, I think it's all simpler than that.

People love to quote Karma (what goes around comes around).  The fact is, there is no Karma, there are only coincidences that you attribute to Karma.  Look at a sick kid in Africa.  What evil thing did he do to be born sick in a country with poor medical care?  And if  Karma real, not only would he be healed, he'd win the lottery on top of it or something.

I think real "Karma" like circumstances are explained much easier than that.  For example, if you make all the people around you miserable, you're going to be surrounded by miserable people.  On the flip side, if you're always there to help your friends move, then chances are likely they'll be there when you're ready to move. The proof that this is not a "magically balancing of things by the universe" is that every once in a while the people you've helped over and over will let you down.

The sad fact is, Karma doesn't exist.  If it did, rich a-holes would be wiped out financially after stealing from grandmas pension funds. Teachers would be paid more than football players.  Deer would get to kill more of the people that hunt them.  There's literally millions of millions of examples of bad people being rewarded and good people starving.

With all of this said, even if it's not "magic", if you are awesome to others, there's a pretty good chance that they'll be awesome to you.  At least you'll feel better about yourself at the end of the day.