The Reverend Horton Heat is an acquired taste. He's not for everybody, but for those of us who love him, we love him A LOT.  The Rev's 11th studio album called, wait for it, "The Rev" is set to drop January 21st.

The Rev is now with Victory Records and there is one thing that Victory Records does better than ANYONE in the record business, and that is merch.  I was actually stunned at the amount of stuff you can get in celebration of the Rev's new record.  Now you can buy and little old thing you want from the album to a sticker, but uber-Rev fans can get this package for $118.00.

Victory Records


There's lots of cool stuff here, including three different colored vinyl versions of the new album. Now that's just the big package, there's all kinds of smaller packages to choose from as well.  I think I'm going to just go for the c.d, sticker. and the "Devil Or Angel" t-shirt myself.