I plugged the new Reverend Horton Heat c.d. in.  I was one track in when I noticed I was going 75 and a city police was in my rear view.  I shook my head and grabbed a Marlboro from the rolled up pack on my sleeve, reached over and cracked a beer.  I took a long drink, fiddled with the smoke a little more, looked at my stained and busted knuckles and said, "hell with it". I decided in those few seconds that I was either going over the border into Mexico or die in a ball of fire trying.


Okay, only part of that story was true.  I was only one track in when I noticed I was doing 75 and a cop was in my rear view.  I guess city cops don't pull people over on the loop or he had better things to do because I slowed down and he passed me.

Anyways, such is the experience of the new (or really any) c.d. from the Reverend Horton Heat. It's seriously jacked up, turbo charged rockabilly and there is only one man and one band who does it this way.  That lead track is called "Victory Lap" and it sets the tone for a serious ride. The Rev really does not "F" around on this c.d.  Sure there's some fun stuff but mostly it's straight ahead high speed retro-rock.

The Rev has lost NOTHING over the years.  Sure, he was always a man out of place and time, but his voice still sounds like the first time I heard it.  As for his guitar skills, he may have gotten better, but I don't know; he's always played at lightening speeds with razor sharp riffs and solos that will literally blow your mind.

I guess you either "get it" or you don't.  As for you Rev fans, this may be his best c.d. ever.  If you're a newbie, I'd even recommend this first, then pick up his  24 track "Holy Roller" hits collection.