So, yesterday I posted an inside scoop of life on the tour bus via Chad Gray and HELLYEAH. Well, as you can obviously tell, the life of a musician isn't exactly a gentle breeze at any point.

Case and point: today I got on Facebook and read news about Filter being stuck in Van Horn after multiple mechanical issues from, you guessed it, the illustrious tour bus.

I'll let the bassist Phil Buckman give you the gist:

"Here's the deal... The bus broke down on Saturday. Couldn't get it to a shop until Monday. It took them 3 days to tear apart the engine, and rebuild it, addressing every problem (there apparently were MANY). Unfortunately, we were at the mercy of the mechanics. Luckily, we were "stranded" in Phoenix, where we have a lot of friends and family. ... Believe me, I would rather be soundchecking in Louisiana right now, for an awesome rock show, than sitting in a sh**ty motel, in Van Horn, TX (yeah, I've never heard of it either), while our driver catches a few hours of much needed sleep, after he drove all night, to try to regroup with Summerland. We CANNOT WAIT to get back on that stage tomorrow, in Dallas!..."

So, as you can tell, things aren't ever any kind of easy. I will say, these dudes will keep their word and make up the shows that have been missed, including the show in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Corpus Christi.

If you're looking for something to do tomorrow, head down to Dallas and check these guys out, I'm sure all this frustration will make for one rocking show.

As I was once told many-a-time back in the day, "Life's hard when you live in the yard"...