It looks like we'll start having regular concerts in October (a lot of bands are finally realizing that it's too hot to tour Texas before then).  As I've mentioned before, we were going to do an event called "The FMX Monsters Ball", but the lineup got delayed.  We now figure, why not go ahead and get started and make it bigger as it rolls along?

FMX is teaming with J & B to bring you "The FMX Monsters Ball" starring Static-X and Ill Nino.  Yep it wasn't that long ago we had Static-X, but the show was packed and having Wayne in town for the holiday season should rock.  We also LOVE our boys in Ill Nino (the singer for Ill Nino actually used Dave Williams pentagram mic stand for a whole tour after Dave died).

We especially like the idea that the show will be in the Cactus Courtyard.  Mid-October usually provides us with awesome weather in the the low 70's (and we have a backup indoor location if the weather goes sideways).

We hope everybody will get into the spirit of the party and 'zombie-out'.  We'll even have a table with professional makeup artists from Nightmare on 19th street ready to put make up on those who want it.  We're kind of the opinion that Halloween shouldn't come once a year, but should take up pretty much all of October!

More details are coming soon, but mark your calendar for our official Halloween concert/party October 16th at the Cactus Courtyard.