The RockShow is celebrating five years on the air.  Well, as a matter of fact, we're not even really celebrating it.  It just kind of happened.  That's the attitude we began with and that's the attitude that continues through this day.  I WILL however reveal five of the RockShow's biggest secrets on this occasion.

I don't know if any of these are what you'd call "closely guarded" secrets, but here you go.

#1.  The RockShow is nothing but a big c*ckblock.  Bob and Tom was already WAY past boring and the only other shows available were also all talk morning shows.  We put this show together to get music back in the morning.  Now, people do still want to have fun and hear what's going on, so we figured we'd take all the material the other morning shows do, and boil it down to 3-4 quick bits an hour.  We literally take about five to eight minutes an hour to do what other morning shows take an entire hour to do.

#2.  Heathen now only works part time. Yep, you probably haven't even noticed a difference in the quality of what we do on-air, but Heathen now has a straight job in the real world. In fact, in many ways he's able to focus more on what he does on the RockShow because he has no other duties in the building to distract him.

#3.  We never repeat bits and we never skip shows. I find it embarrassing when d.j.s do "best of" shows or whatever. We also feel like if you have to work on a holiday, we'll be there with fresh material. We'll record stuff in advance, but we don't repeat.

#4. We used to be syndicated to Abilene and Wichita Falls but we quit. The way the process worked, we were basically doing three morning shows every morning and it was burning us out. We quit and decided to focus on Lubbock. There's some talk of us being syndicated to other places, but we've already decided that we're not going to do it if it affects what we do in the Hub City in any way.

#5. We buried a homemade "time capsule" on the property where the Buddy Holly Statue is located. We did it on an Easter Sunday . It was just a big field at the time and we did it in broad daylight.  No one found it as they developed the area, so it no doubt remains to this day. We have never revealed what is inside.

Thanks for listening vatos!