We’ve got a couple cool changes coming to the RockShow and we thought you might like to know. Whether you like the show or not, sometimes you’ll find yourself, consciously or not, timing your morning routine with the stuff we do. For instance, there’s a few folks out there that will sit in their car until we finish “It Sucks to Be You” at 7:50 because they know that gives them about five minutes to get into work. More after the jump.


So in addition to moving some stuff around, we’re adding “The RockShows Totally Bitchen Unnamed All Request And Sometimes Shout outs Hour”. Now, we’re never too proud to pick up the phone and play something for you, but from 9-10 we’re going to make an extra effort to get your day going with requests.
Now, I think it would be a little ridiculous to go through everything we do, but we don’t want to screw up your mental timing either. About the easiest way I can put things is, the two Rock News reports and Show and Tell are moving to 35 past the hour and “You Kick Ass” is moving from 9:10 to 8:50.
We’ll try to get some extra time checks in for you until you get your mental clock restarted, until then, we sincerely hope you’ll take advantage of our designated all-request hour at 9:00 each day. You can always reach us at 770-KFMX.
Thanks for listening and please tickle yourself in a dark place from us.

The RockShow.