The RockShow achieved a level of success unheard of in Lubbock morning shows, we were actually syndicated in two other markets.  We were able to entertain the fine people of Abilene and Wichita Falls for a bit.  While it's not like we were coast to coast, we felt like we could relate to our fellow Texans in smallish towns.  We then felt like it was watering down what we could do in Lubbock, so we did the unheard of...we quit.  More after the jump.


Yeah, we straight up quit two gigs.  It was taking us so much time and energy to take care of these other places we felt we were losing focus at home.  You see we think it's pretty important to be there when you call.  We think it's important that we talk about whats happening in town.  Most of all we think it's important that there be at least one morning show FROM Lubbock, broadcasting IN Lubbock.

Other radio stations pipe in their morning shows from Dallas, up north and the east coast.  Sorry, maybe the Dallas lifestyle applies to us a little, but the rest is just nonsense from people not even sharing the same clouds as us. We, on the other hand, bought the first legal six pack sold in the city of Lubbock, we hid a time capsule under the Buddy Holly Statute and we brought you live "donuts' just this past Monday from 82nd and Quaker (yeah, stuff you might do if you were a juvenile delinquent in the Hub).  And that's just the dumb stuff; we've got concert ticket and other cool giveaways nearly every morning.

Yeah, we may be a little bit more liberal than most folks in the area, but that's a small part of what we do. We want to be here to pick up the phone when someone sees a traffic jam on the Loop and we want to tell people when we see other Lubbock people do something stupid.  We want to help with your charitable causes and play a song for your birthday.  We want to have guests on that have fundraisers and help others.

It may all sound a bit 'hokey' to you, but I think we all have to make choices on how we all want to live, how we are to be remembered and why we get up in the morning.  We choose to be a LUBBOCK morning show.  We've been a regional morning show and while it was quite an honor, it just wasn't for us.

With all that said, thanks for your support and remember we're here for you each weekday morning from five to ten.  Also, don't forget we've also now instituted "The RockShow's Totally Bitchen Unnamed All Request Hour from 9a-10a" and we'd love to hear from ya.

If you get a chance, like us here on Facebook.  While we're always on the FMX site, a lot of the stuff we talk about goes up instantly on that site.

Wes Nessman