Today we celebrate our fourth anniversary as a show.  "Celebrate" is probably an exaggeration.  We've managed to survive four years as a LOCAL "music in the morning" morning show and we're pretty darn proud of that.  More after the jump.


The concept we had for a morning show was pretty simple, take all that talk on other morning shows and boil it down to three or four one or two minute segments.  It's really not that hard to do, and it AMAZES us that other morning shows will have another 45 minutes of filler in between.  We use that time to rock out.  I guess these other morning shows are more interesting than us or something, but I can't even imagine wanting to hear myself talk for five hours a morning.  As it is, sometimes during the nine o'clock hour I have Heathen do most of the breaks because I'm tired of hearing myself talk-even fifteen seconds at a time!

We're also pretty pleased to be local. Right now across the dial it's morning shows from Dallas, Ohio and beyond.  What do you have in common with someone from the Metroplex?  They spend a good chunk of their morning talking about traffic, a problem we really don't have here.  We like to talk about goofy worldwide stuff, but Lubbock and West Texas is our focus, along with anything and everything we can find about the music we love.

I understand that some people like streaming services too, but I HATE them.  It's not because they're my competition, because they're really not.  Streaming services general take the time that people used to use to listen to full albums and whatnot.  The problem with these services is you lose your sense of community, the pure shared experience of knowing your friends across town are rocking out to the same jams as you.  You also miss out on concert information, giveaways and a million other small details, but mostly it's that camaraderie of everybody united behind a station.

We're a bit contrary in that we're a 'no apologies' kind of morning show.  We NEVER wake up wanting to offend someone.  We just make jokes and let the chips fall where they may.  I tend to have VERY strong and out of place for West Texas opinions and Heathen tends to act like an oversexed seventeen year old, but hey, that's who we are and hopefully you can at least respect that we're not going to just lie to you and butter your buns with happy talk we don't believe in.

It's been a tough, but amazing four years.  It seems like Heathen and I have had stronger than usual reactions to the West Texas dust and pollens.  It's hard to have some laughs when you're hacking up your lungs. We've had some fantastic guests, from all the bands coming to town to pro-wrestlers and movie stars.  I will tell you though, we will always be "The RockShow". There's no joke, no interview and no conversation that gets us as pumped up as playing a new jam for your guys.

I hope we can keep the show going a while longer for you guys.  There are really no other morning shows out there that do what we do.  I have to have music in the morning and I have to know whats going on.  All the other morning shows just want to talk about what happened on the dating shows or American Idol and I can't hang with that.  At the same time, if another show comes along that does what we do better than us, we'll gladly step aside and wake up four hours later.  Until then, I hope you'll continue to join us each and every weekday morning and we thank you for supporting the kind of morning show that we ourselves would listen to.