Even though this blog is about the stupid stuff people say, it involves politics. If you’re not interested, there’s a fine one about Metallica or the Professor from Gilligan’s Island dying on the page. Just go to one of those articles. Are we good? I want to make sure nobody forces this into your eyeholes.
Those of you who know me know that I also defend the sitting President. Doesn’t matter which party, I think respect goes with the office and the vote of the people. Due to social media really taking off, more dumbasses with no right to an opinion are expressing it than ever before. I’d like to examine a couple of these things right now.

Credit: Some Idiot

The above graphic was on my Facebook feed this morning (*major face palm*). Okay, where do I start? First off, I don’t know if either hand signal was used at either gathering. Second, different hand signals mean different things to different people, for instance what you think of as a “peace sign” means “F You" in different cultures. Next, can just dump the Hitler references at this point? Until the President kills around 11 million people and attempts to wipe out an entire race, there’s no comparison. This is not only a slap in the face to our leader, it’s an insult to the millions who were killed. Lastly, do you recognize that hand sign? That’s also the hand sign that wrestler Diamond Dallas Page made before unleashing “the Diamond Cutter” move.

So, by the reasoning of the person that made this picture, Obama is just as likely to be a wrestler as Hitler, and since I don’t see people being herded into gas chambers, I guess we can expect Obama at Wrestlemania.
Next up is Obamacare. I don’t want to debate whether it’s good or bad, I’m talking about the stupid stuff people say and pass along here. Someone the other day told me, “it’s cheaper for me to pay the penalty than to get insurance”. Well, of course it is dumbass! The goal isn’t for you to pay the penalty, the goal is for you to get insurance. And you know what the difference is if you pay the penalty? NO ONE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR SICK ASS JUST BECAUSE YOU PAID THE PENALTY. Or in other words, yeah, the penalty is cheaper, until you have to go to the doctor. I would think that if the government was truly “out to get you”, they’d raise the penalty, now wouldn’t they, genius?
I also had something on my feed the other day about the government stockpiling guillotines and caskets. Seriously, guillotines? Who pulled this out of their ass? I’m not even going to respond to this one.
People on the right, you conservatives, you have A LOT OF VALID POINTS TO MAKE. Your input is IMPORTANT to the national discussion, policy making and our way of life. Trust me when I tell you that allowing this over-the-top nonsense to propagate just makes the entire group look like clowns.  It's like a kid just yelling "BOOGERHEAD" because he doesn't have the vocabulary to call someone out in an intelligent fashion.

And yes....if Mitt Romney were President and the left was calling him "a fascist- like Stalin", I would be writing this same blog.  Grow up, find out what's really making you mad and address those issues instead of just yelling "Hitler" or "Boogerhead" (and quit passing this dumb sh!t along!).

Oh, and here's an excellent highlight reel of DDP set to AC/DC music