There's a big hubbub on the internet right now. Evidently a lot of people are taking pictures of their foot-long sandwiches from Subway and they're coming up about an inch short.  Now, you know how people on the internet are, they want to make this some kind of "corporate rip-off" of one inch.  Being hungry, we decided to test our local Subway at 82nd and Quaker.  Results after the jump.

So, how did our local Subway stack up?  Well it got two out of three for sure.  My Italian easily made the 12 inches.  Despite the picture (the angle makes it look short) Roosters cold cut combo was maybe less than a quarter inch short, if short at all.  Landon on the other hand was easily an inch short.

So what can we draw from these results?  First off, I'd say there's no corporate attempt to rip people off worth of 1" of sandwich.  Next, I'd say since Subway bakes their bread in store (and that's what makes it yummy) there's going to be differences in size.  Next, due to the baking process the sandwiches that come up short in length are probably bigger in girth. Lastly, if you're really that worried about whether your sandwich is "up to size" you're probably a giant fat ass who could stand to have a little less sandwich.

Once again, the angle of the pictures make mine and Roosters appear to come up short, but they weren't.