I don't buy sunglasses to frame my face. I don't buy sunglasses because they are fashionable.  You're not going to believe this, I buy sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes.  With that in mind, would it be so hard to sell me some that are 'ready to wear'?  More after the jump.


The question is simple-can I get a pair of sunglasses with about ten less stickers on them?  Maybe you could sell me some that doesn't have that plastic tag that practically breaks the glasses if you try to pull it off?  It's great they are 'polarized', low profile or whatever, I just want to use them.  You know they're almost always on a huge display.  Couldn't they put all that information on the display and not put all the crap on the lenses?  And inevitably there's one sticker that's been on there since Moses was a child that leaves a gummy residue that quickly picks up whatever dirt is in the area.

I know some people can buy a $100 pair of sunglasses and hold onto them forever.  I've actually lost sunglasses on  the way home from buying them (I'm not making this up). Until they put lo-jack on glasses, I'm not spending more than $20 on a pair, and I want them sticker free and ready to use.  Seriously, check out the Oakleys in the picture, even they have stickers on them.  If I go into an Oakley retailer and buy Oakley glasses in an Oakley case, I think I can do without an Oakley sticker on the lens that I'll probably scratch when taking it off.

I wish I could just get my eyeballs tinted.