My wife wanted to get me a game system for my birthday.  I haven't had one since a friend gave us a Wii a few years back.  As you may know, the Wii is fun, but other than Mario and Zelda, there's not really much there for grown ups.  Well being so out of the loop for song long, I decided that the best deal for me would be to pick up a Playstation 3.  This is when I started to have fun.

So my wife left it to me to get myself a game system and I decided the best course of action would be a slightly used one.  I called a friend, got some recommended specs and I started looking around, finally starting to make some offers on Ebay.  I made some offers on bundles with a lot of games, low-balled some systems that didn't have as much hard-drive as I wanted and watched as the time ticked by and I was outbid at the last minute.  Time after time, I was beaten.

I finally nailed one with the winning big on Wednesday night. It was glorious and it occurred to me, maybe I don't want a PS3 to play on as much as I want to play on Ebay.  That's some exciting stuff right there figuring out whats a deal and throwing in those last second bids and gambles.  Sure I used the autobid, but you still on occasion have to make some last second decisions of "oh, what's another three bucks".

Anyways I have a nice GTA5 PS3 bundle on the way to my house and all I'm saying is, that game better rock to be anywhere NEAR as fun as bidding on it was.