This one was on the bubble as to whether it would ever get made, but I'm sure glad it did! Kick-Ass 2 is on the way! The second in the series should be even more controversial than the first and Jim Carry is amazing in these clips. More after the jump.

The crew from Kick-Ass is back and this time they've got more superheros and supervillians to deal with. Jim Carrey makes an appearance as "Captain Stars & Stripes" and is pretty amazing. When you hear him, you can't even hear a hint of his normal voice. He also somehow holds his face to distort his appearance just enough that some people don't even recognize him in the trailer (he's the one in the camo). But, let's be real here. The real star of Kick-ass 1 & 2 is "Hit Girl" portrayed by the amazing Chloe Grace Moretz. Moretz, who will also star in the new version of the Stephen King classic "Carrie" is just a bad ass!

Caution this trailer has foul language and all the other stuff we love about movies in it. Check it out: