Holy cow, it was like a war zone in my neighborhood last night.  I think the fireworks stands made up for the lack of rockets from the past few years (at least a little bit).  For about three hours it was on, non-stop.  My group was totally among the lawbreakers. It makes the cities ban on 'in-town' fire works pretty laughable and makes me wonder what would happen if we had "National Smoke Weed In Your Front Yard Night". Once again, law enforcement couldn't do anything with the overwhelming amount of people involved.


Anyways, those "two things". First up is go pick up your fireworks trash.  I've already done my walk of shame and despite the fact that SEVERAL people emptied their bank accounts at the fireworks stand, it took less than ten minutes to pick up most of the scraps of red paper.

The second thing you need to do is to try and reunite any strays you might see with their owners.  Not all of us are good with dogs, but some of you are real dog whispers and can get close enough to read a tag.

There are some of your friends and neighbors who HATE fireworks but they tolerate them because it's the 4th and they want to get along with you. The least you can do is pick up your trash and help them get their pets back. If you help 'em out, maybe they wont suicide call the police next year (and they WILL show up if they get enough complaints).

Have a great weekend, get ready for some Chevelle in ten days, and ROCK ON!

(There are many places to list pets you've found, but if you think it would help, feel free to list them on the Facebook cross-post of this blog as well).