Yeah, you read that headline correctly.  I don't mean "balls" as baseballs, basketballs or softballs.  I am talking real life testicles here.  The next thing you need to know before you become engrossed in this story is HE DID IT ON PURPOSE.  So what would compel a guy to set his balls on fire?  The answer is my brother & one hundred bucks.  More after the jump.


Have you been sufficiently warned?  Sure the sign says "audio" but it means the video too.  The "Ugly Truth" is meant to be me and you being real. This is how I would tell you a story if we were sitting on a barstool having some drinks.  Most times I try to make sense out of some political thing or situation that has me confused or amused.  This time, it's just a funny/weird story.

Now I'm trying a different tact with this story. I'm giving you TWO perspectives and two versions of the story.  I highly recommend you watch both.  Mine gives you an overall view of the situation while the other is kind of an eye witness report.  First here's my version of the story:

Now, our buddy Big from Kiss FM, was actually the one that lit Rooster's balls on fire.  He remembers the story a little differently than I do.  Like I said, I was a little busy that night so not only did I not want to see this guys nuts, I really didn't have time to see the whole situation.  So with that in mind, here's Big's version of the story:

The funny thing is, we tried to make this a trifecta and get Rooster to tell his side of the story, but he says he doesn't really remember what happened.  Personally, I don't care how much I had to drink, if my balls were set on fire, I think I'd remember.