This 'ad' is closing in a million hits. I've long supported marriage equality in my personal blogs and now it's time for me to "come out" to the public. I see no problem and absolutely no effect on my marriage when two other people get married. As a married person, I'm with my mate and that's it. I can't see how it makes a hill of beans to my or any marriage whether ANY two people want to get married. It's just not my business and when it comes to matters like this, I mind my own business. More after the jump.


How could it possibly mean anything to you when two other people get married?  If you had a boat and a gay man bought a boat, would that make your boat worse less?  What if you heard that gays love steak?  Will that make your steak taste funny?  I can't imagine any good reason why two people of any gender can't get married.  Marriage is a covenant to live together as one for a lifetime (in theory, but not always in practice).  The fact is, if you are somehow concerned that gay people are going to unduly negatively affect society, wouldn't it still be better that they were at home together like an old married couple rather than being single and possibly being more apt to sleeping around?  I find it mind boggling that even the biggest homophobes wouldn't WANT gay people to get married.

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