These are the worst of the worst when it comes to interviewing a rock band. It doesnt matter if they are a local band or they are the biggest band in the world. These are so bad I cant even watch the full interview.

I have given some pretty sketchy interviews but in all fairness that was when I was very very green in radio. I learned from my mistakes. These guys are the biggest knuckleheads I think I have ever seen. The guy that is interviewing Killswitch Engage had not done any of his homework on the band and has his info all mixed up.

The second video show this guy pounding shots of Jack Daniels before interviewing Randy Blythe and Mark Morton of Lamb Of God.

If you can watch these video's in their entirety then I defiantly give you props. They make me feel so uncomfortable and make me wonder what their higher ups had to say.

I would hate to know that I had to come back White Chocolate and show him these interviews.

You can see the Lamb Of God Interview right here.