Alot of thought went into "The Cockfight," we didnt want to throw a couple of songs from 2 bands that you have never heard of and then expect you to vote on them. So we wanted to tug at your musical heart strings put 2 bands that you absolutley love and then let you vote on them.

Tonight was a battle of the grunge! Pearl Jam's "Evenflow" vs.  Alice In Chains "Man In The Box." Between your votes on Twitter, Facebook and of course your phone calls, Alice In Chains takes this week's Cockfight with a final count of 28 - 9.

Next week it will be the battle of Metal Ballads Pantera's "Suicide Note Pt. 1" VS Down's "Stone The Crow." That will happen next week and 9:10 The Wrecking Yard's Cockfight!

Pearl Jam "Evenflow"

Alice in Chains "Man in the Box"