This is a prime example of what the Cockfight stands for!We know you absolutely love Seether and Shinedown. It was a tough choice on what two songs I should have in The Cockfight. We all know that both bands can deliver live. Thats why I choose the two songs because both are as good as it gets in studio and also live on stage!

When I am not listening to death metal, one of my favorites is Seether. I think they are sick live and throw down some killer studio work as well!!!

But this isnt my Cockfight!!

Released in 2008 "Sound Of Madness" is the 3rd album released by Shinedown. "Sound Of Madness" was released as the third single off of that album on Feb 23rd 2009.

The winner of this week's Cockfight is Shinedown's "Sound Of Madness"