Today Jonathan Davis of Korn celebrates his 41st birthday today. Here are some facts about Jonathan Davis that you might not now.

Not only does Jon Davis front Korn but he has an alter ego when he DJ's as "J Devil" and he is planning a 2012 release for his album as "J Devil."

He has also had an acting career doing cameo's in such films as "Queen Of The Damned" and "Seeing Other People" and will star along with former WWE super star Roddy Piper in the film Sin-Jin Smyth.

Jonathan Davis has been married twice and has 3 children named Nathan Houseman Davis, Pirate Houseman Davis and Zeppelin Houseman Davis.

Jonathan Davis has not used any alcohol or drugs since 1998.

Davis has also created a video game entitled "Pop Scars" which would feature some of your favorite musicians fighting to the death. But the game never made it out of development.

And of course the greatest the mark on Jon Davis's career is when Korn starred on an episode of South park.